Anytime a patient has a question about approval, the actual pump or our process you can have them call us directly at 855-786-7296 or email [email protected]. However, here is a list of frequently asked questions by patients to keep them informed and happy.

How do I find out if my insurance covered?
Most insurance companies do cover a free breast pump. Please fill out the form on the brochure and we will verify.
How is the pump free?
The Affordable Care Act (better known as ObamaCare) requires health insurance plans to support breastfeeding meaning almost every insurance company covers you getting a free breast pump. Since you are a patient at this OB office, we offer you MORE features including a hospital-grade performing pump.
Is Medicaid covered?
This depends on a state by state basis. Please fill out the form on the brochure and we will verify if your plan covers the pump.
Which insurance companies are included in this program?
Over 90% of all insurance companies are included in this program. If the patient’s insurance does not qualify we will contact the patient individually and help them find a resource for a breast pump.
Can I get another free breast pump if I previously received a free pump with my insurance?
That depends on the individual plan. Many plans allow for another new free pump after a period of time. We suggest the patient fill out the application and we will verify.
How soon will I get my pump?
This depends on the insurance, but most Within 30 days of their expected due date.
How will I know if I am approved for the free pump?
Each patient will receive a follow up email and/or phone call verifying their approval status.
Which pump is included in this program?
The pump included in the program is the Hygeia Enjoye. This is a highest performing pump available at 100% cost through most insurances. It has received many awards from groups like The Bump and The Leaky Boob, and is the only pump fully endorsed by La Leche League.
Is the pump really hospital grade for free?
Yes, because we are a manufacturer we provide hospital grade performing pump to Moms of OB offices we work with directly.
Can I go somewhere else to get a hospital grade pump?
To our knowledge we are the only source offering a hospital grade performing pump. There are many places you can go to a breast pump, but they will not have the performance or power of our pump.


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