Oops! We need one more thing…

We have all of the information we need to reserve your pump…

BUT… You need to approve our HIPAA policy as well as approve us to ship you the pump. You can approve both by clicking the “Agree” button here:

Maybe you accidentally missed those… or maybe you weren’t comfortable just yet to say yes.

In case that part seems a little confusing, here’s a simple explanation: We need your approval on HIPAA so we can tell your insurance company you want the hospital-grade performing pump. It’s like that that form you must fill out at the doctor’s office about how they handle your information. This is exactly the same thing. The main difference is our HIPAA policy states we don’t offer to communicate with anyone but you! We hate spam and we just want to communicate with you on any issue about getting you approved and shipping you the pump.

Also for the shipment approval… As much as we would love to just ship every expectant mother our very best pump, the insurance companies require that you approve us to do that. Rather than calling you back or emailing you multiple times to get the approval… we just added it to this process to make it easy on you.